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Ireland gambling control bill 2013

25.06.2017 3 Comments

Ireland gambling control bill 2013 palzzo hotel casino

This would be financed by a levy paid by gambling licence holders. The OGCI may also make a condition of land-based casinos that persons attending may be required to enter their details in a database maintained by the licensee. It will provide a unified legal basis as well as streamlined and more effective administrative procedures.

By using this website, you consent to our use of cookies. This helps to bring the law up-to-date gamgling the realities of modern gambling and betting. Otherwise, different categories of lottery licences will be introduced depending on the size of the prizes they offer. Legal Updates Subscribe to our monthly legal updates. The OGCI will also create an annual programme of scheduled inspections of premises and facilities used to provide, or used in connection with, licenced and registered gambling services.

Mon, Jul 15, , Updated: Mon, Jul 15, , Details of gambling legislation which will extend licensing to online gaming and limit the general scheme of the Gambling Control Bill, which has been approved by the Cabinet. This Scheme proposes a new and comprehensive framework for the regulation (including licensing) of gambling in Ireland. The Irish government yesterday published the General Scheme of the Gambling Control Bill (the.


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